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Hinges for upvc windows.
Failed glazing.
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Upvc Tilt and Turn window mechanism repairs.

Upvc Tilt and Turn window repairs,in Dewsbury Batley Birstall Liversedge Heckmondwike
Mirfield Morley Horbury Ossett Wakefield Huddersfield.

Tilt and turn window repairs near me.
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This particular repair has had a gearbox failure, which has now been repaired and the window is working as it was when first installed.

Tilt and turn windows have been around for a lot of years and not all parts are currently available, because a number of different manufacturers have stopped making tilt and turn mechanism.

Its advisable to always look for any names on the locking mechanism, so we can try and help fix your tilt and turn windows because
a tilt and turn window is side hung like a door and when an issue arises such as not locking etc, it could be that the window has dropped.

This might need repacking or some adjustments, tilt and turn windows have a number of adjustment points, which could just resolve any problems you may have with your tilt and turn window.
Repairs For Tilt And Turn Windows.
Upvc window lock repairs near me.

Upvc Window repairs, in Dewsbury Batley Birstall Liversedge Heckmondwike
Mirfield Morley Horbury Ossett Wakefield Huddersfield.

There is so many different types of Upvc window locking mechanisms out there, and manufacturers are always improving locking systems, but when a repair is needed, we have spare handles, hinges, locking systems in our vehicle to carry out emergency repairs on the same visit.

Upvc window and door repairs, near me, are based in Dewsbury, and cover Mirfield, Huddersfield, Wakefield, Leeds, Heckmondwike, Ossett, we even travel further a field, to accomadate your repairs just look at the areas covered at the bottom of this page or simply check locations covered on the menu bar.

From the early days windows were fitted with a simple window handle which locked onto the frame this was called a cockspur handle, they was then replaced by a sliding offset locking rail known as an espagnolette, this type of window lock, locked into locking points inside the frame for better security.

Hardware manufacturers have increased security by adding shoot bolt locking systems to some espagnolettes making windows very secure.

Some window companies prefer to use the standard window espagnolette, and some companies fit shootbolt locking systems as standard

When a locking mechanism fails in your window some are more difficult than others to get the window open.
 This type of repair would mean glass removal for safety reasons and to give the opener more move-ability to gain access to the faulty mechanism.
window locks, Dewsbury.
Upvc & Composite Door lock repairs, French door repairs, Patio door repairs,

Upvc Door lock repairs, in Dewsbury, Batley, Leeds, Huddersfield, Wakefield, Bradford,
Upvc Locksmith near me. Locksmith Dewsbury, Locksmith Batley, Locksmith Leeds,
Locksmith Huddersfield, Locksmith Wakefield, Locksmith Bradford,
Local Locksmith. Local Locksmith Kirklees.

We carry out repairs to all upvc & composite door locks.
Depending on the locking system you have fitted to your door, most door locks are still available.

If a replacement is needed, we will always try and fix your door lock when possible as some locks are sold in two parts, this can save you money by not having to replace the full mechanism.

Where a replacement door lock is no longer available, we can upgrade your old, out dated door lock to something like a high security hook lock.

When we've fitted your door with a replacement door lock we will carry out inspections on your door to see what caused your door lock to fail and then make necessary adjustments so your new door lock will continue to last for many years to come.

Upvc Locksmith near me in Dewsbury Batley Birstall Liversedge Heckmondwike
Mirfield Morley Horbury Ossett Wakefield Huddersfield Kirklees.

Lockmaster Door Lock. repairs near me, for upvc doors.
Replacement seals

Are available when replacement seals are needed.

Over time rubber seals become flat and dry out, then eventually perish, causing draughty doors and windows.

If your getting draughts through your doors it might be that your doors may need adjusting or a re-alignment, not new seals.

Rubber Door Seal.
Replacement hinges

We stock all types of replacement hinges should your hinges fail.
Maybe you want to replace your old hinges to fire escape hinges or restrictor hinges we can do that for you.

Window Opener Repairs.
Draughty windows ? Faulty hinges ?

When your getting draughts through your windows it can only be three things.

Firstly check your rubber seals if these are not split or worn.
Check your window hinges also know as friction stays.

How to check your window has faulty hinges, if your getting a draught through your windows and you cant find where its coming from.

Here is how to check your window hinges, if you have a side opening window look in the corners were your hinges are, make sure your window is in closed position to carry out this check:

Look in the corners and compare the gap from one hinge corner to the other one, if you have faulty hinges you will have a gap in a corner that is bigger than the other corner, then put your hand in the corner and feel for the draught.

The corner that has a big gap and a draught is the hinge that has worn causing the draught.
We can replace your faulty hinges, this is a two man operation for safety reasons.

We can aslo adjust the locking points on your windows to stop draughts.
Window Hinge Replacement Huddersfield.
Replacement seals for draughty doors
Rubber seal for pvc doors.
Broken window handle replacement
Upvc window handles.
High security lock upgrade with replacement handles
Locks Handles For Upvc Doors.
Replacement glazing in progress
Sameday Glazier.
Same day glazing available
Emergency hinge replacement
Window Doctor.
We also fit cat flaps
Cat Flap installation West Yorkshire.
Rated 5 stars on Google / 364 Reviews

Brilliant service from the quick quote to the finished job.  Had one window replaced and hinges repaired on another.  Both jobs done to a very high standard.  Derek is professional, knowledgeable and friendly.  The work was undertaken without any fuss or mess and I would recommend to anyone wanting repairs or replacement windows.

Derek is amazing. A team of three could not repair my door but Derek did!
I contacted him at 9.20 pm last night  and, today he was here and now my door is perfect , in fact better than the day it was originally fitted. He did not leave until it was perfect. Many thanks Derek, I am a very happy woman as I thought it meant a new door

Derek did a fantastic job replacing a glass panel in our internal bi-folding doors. He was very meticulous, thorough and tidy. I would have no hesitation in using his services again and would fully recommend him.

Fantastic bloke. Came the next working day to fix my broken front door. (Pretty sure he would’ve come straight away had we needed him to!) Done and dusted for a good price! Will definitely be using you again if we need to! Thanks so much!

Excellent job completed by Derek. Highly recommend!! Ive had a complete new door; frame and threshold fitted to perfection. Derek is professional, efficient and tidy and very polite and helpful throughout. Fantastic service, thank you so much!

Help and advice

Upvc Window opener problems / window will not open.
window will not open / possible handle failure / replace the handle, to see if this will resolve the problem, if this doesnt work, then its time to give us a call.
If the handle will not open the window, then its likely that your locking mechanism has failed, procedure to carry out this replacement locking mechanism is not straight forward, to minimise damage we will need to remove the glazing in the opener before we can start working on the window, to get the window open,

when we have removed the glass we can start working on your window, to get it open, to replace the failed mechanism, once we have identified the lock you require then we can replace it with either the same if still avilable depending on how old your windows as some locking systems have been discontinued, but dont worry we carry some alternatives on our vans so we can have your window working again.

Difficulty closing the window, gaps etc, or draughty windows.
We suggest looking in the corners to compare gaps, were the hinges are located, its more likely your hinges have worn or broken and need replacing, if this is so this is a two man operation to carry out this repair safely.

Draughty windows.
If you are experiensing draughts it can either be worn or broken hinges or the gasket needs replacing, if doesnt resolve the problem, it can be a manufacturing error.

Blown double glazing always looks dirty.
We can replace with new double glazed glass unit without having to replace the whole window.

Top opener window getting stuck.
while trying to open and close / possible cause the window has dropped and needs adjusting back into position, this can be a two man job to carry out the repair all depends on window style and size and age.

Side opener window.
Side opening windows are like upvc doors, they need to be glazed correctly, if your side opening window has a gap at the top when the window is closed / gap above the handle, this is a common window fitter incompitence.
This can be resolved by repacking the glass correctly to lift the opener to get rid of the gap.

Upvc doors / Composite doors.
Locking problems, there is a number of reasons you could experincing difficulty locking your door, to rule out the the locking mechanism as been faulty, We suggest opening your door to see if the lock works ok when the door is open.

If your door locks and unlocks, then the cause could be your hinges are worn or might need some attention, if this does not fix the issue your door may have dropped, and gone out of alignment, but dont worry, what ever the problem is with your door we can fix it to get it working like new, we also carry some common door locking mechanisms on our vans, we cant carry every single upvc / composite door locks as there is a vast amount of different locking mechanisms on the market.

Door wont open.
If you cant open your door and the key just keeps turning, it could be the door cylinder that is faulty, or the door locking mechanism that has failed, replacement is the only cure.

Door handles that are floppy and feel loose,
This can be only three things, the springs in the handle have worn, or its your locking mechansim that has a worn spring inside the mechanism, making the handle look floppy, a replacement handle fitted with new springs can help make the door handle feel like its working as it should.
If your handle feels very loose it can be a circlip at the back of the handle, we suggest immediate replacement, so it doesnt come off in your hand.

If you are experincing draughts this can be that your door needs some adjustments, or your rubber seal needs replacing, we can carry out these checks.

Sliding Patio doors
Patio door hard to close ? and feels like its dragging on the runner possible problems damaged track or worn wheels.
some wheels and tracks are still availble depending on the age of the patio.
Sometimes it may be the wheels need the height adjustment to fix the issue.
Locking problems, this could be door out of alignment /adjustment of the wheels could  fix this if they are not worn.

Tilt and slide patios
These patios are very old in the double glazing industry, some parts are still availble depending on the manufacturer.
If you experience the handle spinning around this is the main gearbox in the mechanism which can be replaced, depending if its still available.
Top tracks and rails and wheels, as before depending on age and availability.

Call us for free advise we are here to help.

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Batley, Bingley, Brighouse,Castleford, Cleckheaton, Dewsbury, Guiseley, Halifax, Hebden Bridge,Holmfirth, Horsforth, Huddersfield, Morley, West Yorkshire, Ossett, Pontefract, Pudsey, Shipley,  Baildon, Bradford, Denholme, Elland, Farsley, Featherstone, Heckmondwike, Hemsworth,Knottingley, Leeds, Mirfield,Normanton, Ossett, Rothwell, Silsden, South, Elmsall, South Kirkby, Sowerby Bridge, Wakefield,
Spares for Doors.
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